Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday!

Today I wanted to share and article and a series of videos that I found that were full of incredibly useful and important advice for young filmmakers.

Spread out over a series of 5 short video episodes and 6 key points, the article features a group of several filmmakers who discuss the current landscape for finding success in the film industry. This article, found on, struck a cord for me because it really focuses on students and recent graduates of film school and what they can do to improve their craft and find work while still following their dreams.

While in film school, one of the main things that I made sure to do (and this is also mentioned in Episode 1 from the article) was not spend my time focusing in one area of film making or production. Although my main interest was and still is directing, I helped out on other student sets as a grip, gaffer, producer, assistant director, and editor. I knew that I could always fall back on directing, so I didn’t turn down positions because they weren’t my main interest. It’s unlikely that someone straight out of film school becomes a top director, so it is important to have other skills that you can fall back on, as stated in these videos. So far in my career I have tried to live by this advice, and although I am still working in the video department in the corporate world, I have plenty of time to work on my passions on the side while improving my professional skills.

You can find a link to the article with the attached videos below:

Let me know if anything from these episodes stands out for you! And also feel free to share any other articles or pieces of advice that you have found/heard about finding success as a filmmaker.



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