Impact to the Industry

Hello all and happy first day of November! I can’t believe how close we are to the end of the year. And more importantly, I can’t believe how much has happened within the film industry since I graduated from college a few short months ago. While I am not living in L.A., the recent outpouring of sexual assault stories from Hollywood has impacted me and those around me in the film community in New York. As a woman in film, or rather a young woman aspiring to make it in the film industry, I have always been aware of the lack of diversity and the unfair treatment of women in Hollywood.

Since day one of film school, I have been told that even with our society attempting to be more all inclusive and open minded, Hollywood is still a boy’s club and women have to work twice as hard to make it to the top. But seeing how many actresses, and even some actors, came forward with stories or unwarranted sexual advances, I realized that this kind of stuff can happen to anyone. And now more than ever I hope that I can help forge a path in the industry towards equality.

While the incidents with Harvey Weinstein and most recently Kevin Spacey are upsetting, they have also made me realize that times have actually changed in a way. These women and men who have come forward with their stories have proven that now is the time to speak up. House of Cards has been canceled; The Weinstein Company has fired Harvey Weinstein. There are repercussions to their actions. Sadly not every allegation of rape or assault is met with immediate action, and these punishments can’t fix what has already been done, but this is a start.

Again, I hope that one day I can help other aspiring female filmmakers find their way in this industry and make it less of a “boy’s club”. If you have any thoughts or would like to share your story, my website or any other anonymous blog can be your outlet.